Battle Gems Videos

Life-size Battle Gem suits + After Effects + AE Staff Members FTW! The following collection of Battle Gems promo videos are from the Artix Entertainment YouTube Channel. They were a lot of fun to make. Artix live streamed while editing most of these. We shot/animated/edited during the downtime before the Apple release while the programmers were fixing bugs. If you click through the videos to the YouTube site, you can see details about which Artix Entertainment team members are in the shots and which of us did the editing. There are still a few "unreleased videos" and if you enjoy making videos, you are welcome to invent your own "wrong way to play Battle Gems" and email it to .

Want in on an inside joke? Artix got a call from his distant cousin who started the call with "Is it ready yet?" To which Artix responded, "Huh. Is what ready yet?" and his cousin replied, "BATTLE GEMS! IS IT READY YET!? My little girls are literally asking me every day if they can play it yet... and I want to play it too!" Artix's cousin explained that the girls kept asking him through the day and Artix jokingly said, "If you make a recording of it, I will get it animated!" The next thing you know, a .MP3 file shows up in Artix's inbox. Yergen (Battle Gem's animator/writer/designer) laughed and started drawing and animating the video without even being asked. So the "Is it ready yet?" features the voices of Artix's cousin and his cousin's youngest daughter-- created out of love and overwhelming impatience for Battle Gems :-)