How to Play & Game Questions

New to BattleGems? Look no further.

Q. What is Energy?

Energy is used to complete quests. Every battle consumes one (1) energy, win or lose. Your maximum energy is fifteen (15) but you begin the game with a bonus fifteen (15) for a total of thirty (30). Anyone who has purchased the FOUNDER package has infinite energy.

Q. How do I get more Energy?

Once you have used all of your energy there are several ways to get more:

  1. Your energy will refill itself at a rate of one (1) energy per ten (10) minutes.
  2. You may purchase more energy which will refill you to your maximum of fifteen (15) but buying a refill may also provide bonus energy.
  3. You may request energy from your Facebook friends (if you are connected to Facebook).
  4. Purchasing the FOUNDER package provides you with infinite energy.

Q. What are Golden Keys?

You will need three (3) Golden Keys to unlock most of the game’s areas. Anyone who has purchased the FOUNDER package has a Skeleton Key which can unlock every area of the game without waiting.

Q. How do I get Golden Keys?

There are several ways to obtain Golden Keys:

  1. You can request golden keys from your Facebook friends (if you are connected to Facebook).
  2. You may purchase a pack of Golden keys.
  3. Users who cannot ask their friends for help (NOT connected to Facebook, Offline play, etc) will be asked to wait before proceeding.

Q. How do I get more powerful?

As you advance, some monsters may seem too hard to defeat. You need to increase your Stats (points that improve your various gem skills). There are 2 ways to get more Stats:

  1. You receive a Stat Reward every time you complete a quest.
  2. Each item you unlock by buying from the shop or winning as a quest reward gives you more stat points. All items can be unlocked! More items equals more power!

Q. I can’t find some of my items!

The shops in BattleGems also serve as your item inventory. If you earned an item reward or bought an item, you can find and equip it from the shop in the area where you got it.

For example - if you purchased the Blue Starsword from the shop in Woodknot Forest, simply select that shop from the menu to find the item and equip it.

Q. How do I use Crit Gems (Skull Gems)?

Crit Gems provide you with bonus damage. Bonus damage increases every time your gem line touches the side of the Crit Gem. The more sides of the Crit gem that your gem line touches, the more damage that you do. You CANNOT trace your gem line THROUGH the Crit Gem.

Q. How do slime levels work?

Certain monsters cover your gem board with slimes that weaken your attacks. The more slimes left on the gem board, the less damage that you do. Every time you use a gem with slime on it, it removes a layer of slime. Slimes can have one (1), two (2) or three (3) layers. The slime’s green color will be darker, depending on how many layers there are. Clear as much of the slime as you can as fast as possible to get your attacks back to full strength!

Q. How do stones work?

Some levels have stones on the gem board. Like Crit Gems, the more sides of the stone that your gem line touches, the more you damage it. Keep damaging it until it breaks to clear the stone off the board.

Q. How do chains work?

Some gems are covered by chains, making them unusable. Like Crit Gems, the more sides of the chain that your gem line touches, the more you damage it. You can see how strong a chain is by the number remaining on the chain. Once the chain is broke you can use the gem trapped beneath it.

Q. How do lava levels work?

Some levels have raising lava on them. When lava covers a line of gems, they become unusable until you push the Lava down. There are three (3) ways to lower the lava level:

  1. Get a perfect (select all gems of a type without leaving any out as long as the selection is five (5) or more).
  2. Use a Crit Gem.
  3. Attack using seven (7) or more gems.

Q. What are skills?

Skills are the different styles of attacks that you can use. Upgrades to that skill make it slightly stronger.

Q. What are powers?

Powers are different abilities which are unlocked by fighting area bosses and a few other special quests. Each power helps you in a very specific way. You can select up to four (4) powers to be active at a time, to customize your play style.

Q. How do hide and seek quests work?

In hide and seek quests, there is a chance that you won't find the monster or item you are looking for. You may have to play the same level multiple times before you find what you are looking for.

Q. How do I select a power to use?

To use a power you must select it first:

  1. Go to the map screen.
  2. Tap on the Character Page Icon Icon (far left) on the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Tap the View button on the powers line.
  4. Find and tap on the powers you want to be active.
  5. Tap the Save button at the bottom of the Boss Powers screen.

Q. Why can’t I fight the boss in this area?

There are two (2) reasons that you cannot fight a boss yet:

  1. You have not reached the minimum level to fight the boss. Complete quests that you haven’t finished yet to get more levels.
  2. You have not reached the boss on the path yet, keep fighting!

Q. How do I change my appearance?

You can customize your character’s appearance at any time in BattleGems:

  1. Go to the map screen.
  2. Tap on the Character Page Icon Icon (far left) on the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Tap the Customize button beneath your Stat box.

Q. How do I earn more gold?

Gold can be used to buy items in any shop. You get gold from each battle and each quest that you complete. If you’re running low you can re-battle monsters that you have already defeated to earn more gold! Anyone who has purchased the FOUNDER package earns 30% more gold! We also now offer gold packages! Go to our Upgrade/Payment Section for more information.

Q. How do I PVP (player vs player)?

BattleGems has two types of PVP! You can PVP via Facebook - click on the map and choose who you would like to battle. It is not real time or turned based. We also have "real PVP" where you can create a custom PVP name using our name generator then you can battle other players to gain Trophies. Collect Trophies to move up the ranks on the Worldwide and Friend leaderboards and unlock new PVP titles! The more PVP Titles that you unlock, the more all-new PVP ONLY items you will unlock in the PVP shop. More information can be found in the Artix Design Notes Post.

Q. Can I change my PVP name?

We are sorry, once you choose your generated PVP name, it cannot be changed. Choose wisely!

Q. Why can't I earn more PVP Trophies?

There is a daily cap set for how many PVP Trophies you can win in one day. The cap always resets at Midnight, Eastern Standard Time.

Q. Are you going to release new content?

We would love to be able to continue to release new content for BattleGems! We are always working on any bugs/technical issues that affect gameplay. If you would like to help support BattleGems, you can purchase our Founder package and other upgrades to continue to support the production of the game.

Facebook & Device

Login, device compatibility and more.

Q. What devices can I play BattleGems on?

BattleGems is playable on iOS (Apple devices such as iPhone/iPad/iPod), Android devices, Facebook and Kindle Fire (Amazon)!

Q. I'm trying to use an older iOS (Apple) device and it's not working!

You must upgrade to iOS 6 or higher to play BattleGems. If you do not have an iOS capable device, BattleGems will not work properly and you can use Facebook to play instead.

Q. Do I have to use Facebook to play online?

You can play BattleGems offline on your mobile device, but connecting to Facebook does unlock additional features, such as the ability to PVP with your friends and asking your friends for help with getting more keys. If you do have any issues with your Facebook account, please contact Facebook directly for assistance.

Q. How do I switch my Facebook account on my device?

Please logout of Facebook from the options menu on the opening screen. Then go to your Facebook app on your device and switch users so that you are logged into the correct account. Then reopen the BattleGems app and reconnect to Facebook. If it still doesn't work, go into your settings and disconnect/reconnect Facebook there before reopening BattleGems.

Q. How do I play across multiple devices?

Simply link your first device to a Facebook account and sync your BattleGems process on Facebook. Then on your second device, link to the same Facebook account and sync. Your progress should carry over between devices.

Q. How do I make sure my progress is saved to my device?

We can only save locally to your iOS/Android/Kindle device. This means if you have to uninstall/reinstall the game or have some other kind of game issue, your progress may be lost. We suggest syncing BattleGems to your Facebook because then your progress can be saved there and recovered if you have an issue.

Q. How do I transfer progress from one Facebook account to another?

We are sorry - at this time progress between Facebook accounts cannot be transferred over. You will need to start over on your actual Facebook account. However, if you upgraded to a Founder on your device, you can restore purchases to have in your new Facebook session. To restore a purchase, go to options and then click on restore purchases.

Q. How do I see my Facebook progress, see my friends on my map, etc?

For an iOS device, you need to first logout of Facebook in BattleGems, then you need to go to your system settings on your iOS device, go to Facebook, the toggle on/off for BattleGems, then login to Facebook again via BattleGems. For an Android device, you should logout of Facebook in BattleGems, remove or toggle permission for battleGems in Facebook via your web browser, click on Apps, find BattleGems and then click on the settings gear to reconnect to Facebook.

Q. Why can't I see screens correctly or go to another screen on my Kindle Fire/Android Device?

It appears there is a display issue effecting Kindle Fire and other Android devices. The buttons for the screens are there, but they are just invisible for some reason. You can still exit out of the window by touching the upper corner where the exit button should be displayed.


Upgrade and Payment Questions

Q. How much does BattleGems cost?

BattleGems is free to play! Simply download the app or connect to Facebook and you are ready to BattleOn! We do currently offer the Founder Package for a limited time for a one time fee of $9.95 if you would like to support the game! We also offer Gold Packages!

Q. What does the Founder Package come with?

The Founder Package comes with Unlimited Energy (no more turns!), a Gold Boost (30% more gold!), the Skeleton Key (never need keys!) and the DragonKnight Armor set. You can also link your AdventureQuest Worlds account to BattleGems to receive the DragonKnight class, badge and more! This is all listed one you go to the game and click Upgrade via the bottom right button.

Q. What do the Gold Packages come with?

There are 3 Gold Packages! The first one is a gold bag which comes with a base amount of 10,000 gold for $.99 and the second is a treasure chest with a base amount of 125,000 gold for $4.99, but if you are level 50+, your gold will start scaling up depending on your level so you will receive more! Then we have the "Dragon's Horde," a 50,000,000 gold package for $24.95 that also comes with a Golden PVP name and the "Make it Rain" skill! If you are not sure how much gold you will receive with the gold bag or treasure chest based on your level, you can always check under the Buy Gold option.

Q. How do I make a payment to BattleGems?

You can make a payment to BattleGems by choosing what you would like to purchase and then you will be directed to use your Apple, GooglePlay, Facebook or Amazon account. All payments are made via Apple, GooglePlay, Facebook or Amazon, so if you do have any payment issues such as not receiving your purchase, please contact Apple, GooglePlay, Facebook or Amazon directly. You can also use the Amazon App Store via Android devices, but using GooglePlay with Android devices is usually easier. Here is how to contact Apple, GooglePlay, Facebook or Amazon regarding in-app purchases:

  1. Apple - iTunes Store: About In-App Purchases
  2. GooglePlay - Apps with in-app purchases
  3. Facebook - Facebook Game Payments
  4. Amazon - Amazon Appstore Information

Q. I made a purchase but did not receive it yet!

If you made a purchase and did not receive it yet, first check to see if you need Restore your Purchases. You can go to Options and choose to Restore Purchases. You can also choose to Restore Purchases by clicking Play and then going to the Upgrade or Buy Gold options. You can find your Founder items by clicking the More Items box at the bottom of the screen. If none of these suggestions work, we may not have received your payment yet for some reason. Here is how to contact Apple, GooglePlay, Facebook or Amazon regarding in-app purchases:

  1. Apple - iTunes Store: About In-App Purchases
  2. GooglePlay - Apps with in-app purchases
  3. Facebook - Facebook Game Payments
  4. Amazon - Amazon Appstore Information

Q. I don't want to purchase any upgrades/or want anyone else to purchase any upgrades for BattleGems. How do I prevent this from happening?

If you would like to disable in-app purchases for your Android devices, here is how:

  1. Open the GooglePlay Store App.
  2. Touch the Play Store icon under Settings.
  3. Under "User Controls" touch Require password for purchases.
  4. Choose a password setting - either for all purchaes, every 30 minutes or never. If you use the every 30 minutes setting, you can review your password settings by selecting the Change Settings link that displays after you have made a purchase.
  5. Type your password.

If you would like to disable in-app purchases for your iOs devices, here is how:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on General.
  3. Click on Restrictions.
  4. Choose to disable in-app purchases.

If you would like to disable in-app purchases for Amazon, here is how:

  1. Launch the Amazon Appstore for Android App.
  2. Open the menu, then tap Settings
  3. Clear In-App Purchasing

For information on Kindle Fire, go to Kindle Support, and then select your device. To allow in-app purchasing with parental controls enabled, go to Set Parental Controls for In-App Purchases. You can also make sure you do not have a credit card linked to your Apple, GooglePlay or Facebook accounts so anyone that may use your device or computer will not have access to your information. You may also be able to password protect your specific device.

Q. Where are my Founder DragonKnight Items?

Those can be found in the DragonKnight Shop:

  1. You can get there by going to the map screen.
  2. Tap the Shop Icon (treasure chest) on the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Tap the More Items button in the lower right hand corner.
  4. The DragonKnight Items shop is the second shop on the list after the PVP shop. Simply purchase the items for 0 gold each.

Q. How do I link BattleGems to my AdventureQuest Worlds account to get my Founder DragonKnight Items?

To get your Founder DragonKnight items in AQW, you must link your BattleGems game to your AQW account:

  1. Go to the map screen.
  2. Tap the Options Icon (far right) on the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Tap Upgrade.
  4. Tap the Link Your Account.
  5. Enter your AQW Login and Password.
  6. Log into AdventureQuest Worlds.
  7. Open your character’s Book of Lore.
  8. Open the Badges Section.
  9. Open the Other Section.
  10. Find and click on your BattleGems badge.

Q. Can I use Artix Points to purchase BattleGems upgrades and refills?

We’re sorry, but this option is not available. Upgrades and refills must be purchased through your respective mobile store, as with most other mobile games or via Facebook or Amazon.

Q. I lost my progress after upgrading to Founder, how do I get it back?

If you have not synced to Facebook yet, please do. Your data should be saved there.

Q. I received an error when I attempted to link my BattleGems Founder account to my AQWorlds account!

This may occur if your AQWorlds account name and password are entering incorrectly. If you need your account information sent to you, please go to and click Forgot Password. This can also happen when you have a password with symbols, we suggest changing your password to only contain letters and numbers and after you link you can change your password again. You can always login to the AQWorlds Account Manager to verify or change your password.

Q. I made a payment or reinstalled the game but do not see my upgrade, what do I do?

Most likely you have received your upgrade but you cannot see it for some reason. This can often be resolved by Restoring your Purchases. Simply go to the game, make your way to the title screen, go to Options and then go to Restore Purchase. You can also choose to Restore Purchases by clicking Play and then going to the Upgrade or Buy Gold options. If that doesn't work, your payment may still be processing or there is another issue. Here is how to contact Apple, GooglePlay, Facebook or Amazon regarding in-app purchases:

  1. Apple - iTunes Store: About In-App Purchases
  2. GooglePlay - Apps with in-app purchases
  3. Facebook - Facebook Game Payments
  4. Amazon - Amazon Appstore Information

Reporting Bugs

Help us squash them!

Q. Where can I report bugs/glitches/etc?

If you come across a bug/glitch, etc. while playing BattleGems, please report it via our Bug Hunter System.


Miscellanous Questions

Q. Do I have to create an AQWorlds or Artix Account to play BattleGems?

All you need is an iOS (Apple - iPhone/iPod/iPad), Android device or Kindle Fire to play or you can play through Facebook. You currently don't need any other account to play.

Q. Can I link a BattleGems Founder account to more than one AQW account?

For security reasons, you are only able to link ONE (1) AdventureQuest Worlds account to your BattleGems account. This is permanent. Once this is done, you cannot link or unlink.